Diving Deep with Denise

Chatting with a Witch

June 13, 2022 Denise Season 2 Episode 3
Diving Deep with Denise
Chatting with a Witch
Show Notes

This episode was "wicked" fun!!! No really, I got to speak to the Woodland Witch, Rebeka Maxwell.  Now I am sure many things come to mind when you hear witch, but I invite you to have an open mind. Rebeka has many gifts and she embraces them all while owning calling herself a witch. If you are a psychic, healer, or medium and haven't quite figured how to navigate it all, then Rebeka is your person.  Take a listen!

Rebeka has been on her path as a Witch for a few years now. Her journey has brought her to accept her gifts, while also showing her how to use them to help other women alike. This is her journey.




website: https://linktr.ee/woodlandwitchwellness