Diving Deep with Denise

Have the Relationship You Want

July 25, 2022 Denise Season 2 Episode 9
Diving Deep with Denise
Have the Relationship You Want
Show Notes

Transformational Relationship Coach Ana Ruiz takes on a deep dive into the root causes of failed relationships and what are some of the tools we need to attract a fulfilling relationship but also make it long-lasting.

Who is Anna Ruiz?
I empower couples and individuals to have fulfilling and long-lasting relationships.

Since I was very young I watched my parents fight often. I remember feeling scared and helpless. I was 14 years old when they went through a very rough divorce. I created a story in my head that marriage is painful and non-stop conflict.

Years of failed relationships and a longing for a healthy long-term committed relationship are the main reasons why one day I decided to seek help. I became a student of intimate relationships, psychology, attachment theory, neurobiology and eventually became a Relationship Coach certified to work with couples and individuals.

I also found real love with a great man and we’ve been in a committed growth-oriented relationship for years. My relationship is a source of strength, support and inspiration to continue doing this work and live my life’s purpose by serving humanity.

In my years working with couples and individuals, I’ve learned that most relationship issues are caused by the combination of one or more of the following factors: unhealed childhood wounds, unresolved current and/or previous relationship hurts, not knowing how to resolve conflict, and missing relationship tools or skills.

 I can help you with all of the above so you can have the relationship you want

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